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An experiment in free motion through handheld thrusters, plus wings. Zip over hills (a la tiny wings) or soar above mountains in a massive (16 square kilometers) and beautiful world.

Requires a SteamVR compatible headset with motion controllers

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Published6 days ago
Tags3D, Exploration, Flight, flying, Physics, vr
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few minutes
InputsOculus Rift, HTC Vive
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Requires SteamVR


Velocity.zip (59 MB)


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I can't fly, I don't know why. I've tried everything, but I can't still fly.

You need to mark the download as windows compatable so people can download it through the itch.io application (which is like a steam library) so we don't have to manually manage files.


Like this.

Just played this, its a lot of fun!

Love the big objects to fly by or through, would be cool to see more get added


Looks awesome =3 Kinda hope you do a non-vr version though..


This game's definitely one that can only be enjoyed in VR, sorry. All of the input is based around motion controls.